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Possible miscarriage? Please help😞

So sorry for the gross pic I know but it will be easier for people to help if they see for themselves. So I have PCOS and pregnancy tests are always negative for me and doctors say they probably wouldn’t show if I did happen to get pregnant due to my hormone levels being low. But I have very irregular periods as PCOS does but recently my periods started up I had a 6 day period then 15 days later was bleeding again but I went doctors as stomach was constantly bloated feeling swollen in abdomen area and having constant cramping pains and after 6 days of bleeding cramping and bloating it seemed like I was coming to an end of a period and then I passed this clot? I have passed many clots due to irregular bleeding and heavy bleeding but none that look like this? Kinda like a tadpole? I need your opinion ladies. What do u think this could be. I will be going doctors Monday but for now any advice would be a major help thank you so much 😘


  • Hi lovely, to me that just looks like uterus lining. I’ve never had a miscarriage myself but I’ve had fleshy looking clots pass. It just looks like your insides are having a clean out which is perfectly normal. I’m now 30 weeks pregnant so it doesn’t affect fertility in anyway! 😊 hope this helps
  • Thankyou that helps a lot 🤗
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