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Am I pregnant??5 and half weeks after miscarriage??

So i had a miscarriage 5 weeks and 4 days ago I thought j was 8 weeks but was only about 5 weeks had a medical miscarriage and all went well I tested two weeks after and negative!!!
So today and for about a week now my boobs are so sore I'm emotional, tiered, spotty as hell!!!and eating everything in site!!!
So I got a clear blue test and did it and have the faintest positive I'm now convincing myself its left over hormones lol but could I be pregnant??
I had bloods done on friday to check my hcg levels as a follow up so they should be back by the end of the week aswel!!!omg my head is all over the place anyone in the same boat!???


  • I would say it's new pregnancy
  • Omg do you think my friend seems to think so aswel I'm so not sure what to think and obviously being so faint I wouldn't be far along yet!!!think I will leave it a week and test again!!!I dont no weather to tell my fella or not with what happened in the past!!!thanks for your reply xxx
  • As someone who had reccurent misscaridges I would say your partner needs to know. You will need his support x
  • Oh bless you I'm sorry for your losses and thanks maybe your right I will do when he gets home xx
  • It will be better.fingers crossed it will be sticky bean
  • Yeah fingers crossed really hope so thanks xx
  • So just an update I have done two clear blue with faint lines and two 1st response and alot clearer think il wait till next week and do a digital to see how far I might be xxx
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