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TTC after MC at 43 and feeling desperate

We started TTC september last year,  got BFP straight away after coil out, mc at 8 wks,  chemical 5 wks later. Desperate to have a baby and at 43 1/2 I'm feeling like it will never happen.  I'm taking vitamins etc,  eating well etc.  

After my mc my cycles seem to be lighter than they were,  used to be 30 days now are 26 like clockwork and are much more painful but only 3 days and not heavy. Tests from dr on bloods and hormones all ok. 

I guess I'm just looking for if anyone has been in a similar situation at my age ttc their first child.  

Thanks guys. I'm a few days late and desperate. I hate my body at the moment and just desperately want a baby but I feel I'm too old and its just never going to happen. 
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