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  • @Hayz85 that's so sad, I'm so sorry for your losses! Cant imagine how heartbroken you must feel. I really hope they quickly find out what is going on and can help you. Sending hugs xx
  • @Hayz85 so sorry for ur loss hun :(
  • So sorry for your loss, hope they get to the bottom of it for you. Im booked in on Friday for my surgical removal, and decided to have baby cremated with the other miscarriage babies. Thanks for all the support xxx
  • @Hayz85 so sorry to read what your going through, im glad they are looking into this now, is there any reason they havent before as normally after 3 they say they will look into it? Sending you lots of love xx
  • @Mrs B 2010 thank you hunni. And I’m sorry for your loss 😔😘💕

    @Catlady220 thank you hun and I’m sorry for your loss to . It’s Worse feeling in the world feel like it’s my fault 😔😭. 💕😘

    @Littlepandacub thank you hunni. I’m sorry for your loss. I Will be thinking of you Friday 😔😘💕😘.

    @Amnx thank you hunni. They kept saying it will be different next time. And because I have four daughters with ex husband that I can carry. But been trying for two years with my new partner. He has 6 kids with his 2 ex’s  . Not long changed doctors as last ones weren’t great. I  Was in gp’s on Saturday as I had spotting Friday night then it stopped then started again sat morning then stopped by afternoon. Then Sunday it was heavier. The doctor said Saturday it’s just implantation bleed nothing to worry about as I wasn’t having cramps . Last 4 miscarriages I was doubled over in pain and bled heavy straight away. Listen to him. By Sunday I was still in no pain but bleeding was heavier so gp said go to A&E. they did bloods and said the doctor will phone me with appointment later to get me into scan . Went for scan Monday and they said no heartbeat and i was miscarrying. My heart sank as partner couldn’t get off work . I was all alone 😔😭😔 sending love to you lovely ladies 💕😘💕😘
  • That sounds really traumatic, I'm so sorry you've had to go through all that uncertainty. Especially being alone, I bet your partner was devastated not to be with you. Be kind to yourself and try and get some rest if you can (not sure if that'll be possible, it sounds like you have your hands full!) If there's anything you need we're here for you xxx
  • @Littlepandacub I'll be thinking of you Friday. Itll be such a hard day, but I hope the physical recovery is quick for you. The joint cremation brought me some peace, I hope it does the same for you. It's a difficult thing to go through but all you can do is take one day at a time and be kind to yourself xxx
  • @Hayz85 it's never ur fault
  • I'm having a down day today.....16dpo and only spotting.....I know AF will come it's just a matter of when n bc I'm late n no bfp it reminds me of my lil angel 
  • @Hayz85 I'm sorry for ur losses, I'm also a patient of recurrent mc clinic and already got some experience if u want to know anything and I'm able to answer. I had 1mc a babyboy and then 4mcs and ectopic in 8months. I'm not ttc anymore,  but sticking around to help out. Hugs 
  • @Mrs B 2010 thank you hunni. 💕😘 . Yeah my partner was really devastated. Thing is he puts on an act that his ok when really I can see it’s killing him inside. He held me close and tight all night and was doing everything bless him.💕😘 

    @Catlady220 feel like if I had done something different maybe outcome would be different. Nurse at hospital on Sunday  said about APS and said maybe they need to test me for it. Back in January I was ill and they had to take blood and they had to keep redoing as my blood clotted to quick . Bless you hunni. Always here if you need me. I get like that to when it doesn’t show and you feel AF coming instead. One day we shall all have our rainbow 🌈 babies in our arms. Xx💕😘

    @Littlepandacub if you need anything hun I’m here for you to. 
    I didn’t realise they did cremation ? Try to take it easy I know it’s easier said then done xxxx💕😘

    @MadDoda. Sorry for all your losses hunni. Just can’t wait to find out what’s causing me to lose our babies. What tests do they do at the recurrent mc clinic. So nervous about it all . 💕😘xxxxx

    big hugs to you all 💕😘🥰
  • its so awful @Hayz85 isn't it, I bet it was scary being on your own. 
    as all the other ladies said, be kind to yourself and if you need a chat we are here. 
    im glad they are referring you though, that's one positive that hopefully this wont ever have to happen again to you xx

  • @Amnx it was really scary hunni. I have no family or friends here as not long moved to the area. 3rd house move in 2 years. I lost loads of friends when they took my ex husbands side when we separated cause of the domestic violence and abuse. The other 4 times I knew I was having miscarriage cause of cramps and bleeding heavy and clots straight away. This time was so different . 😔😔. Doctor just phoned about bloods they are at 27 so dropping they said I need to do pregnancy test in two weeks to check it’s negative. Going to be horrid taking a  test again. last time was a happy time 😭😔. Doctor said this morning I should have been referred sooner and put under their care. I Only pray they get to the bottom of it. Each times getting harder for us. 😔 thank you lovely ladies 🥰💕😘. I’m here if any of you lovely ladies need me. Xx
  • oh bless you, well you can always come on here and chat with us, everyone is lovely and supportive and weve all been through it too. 
    that's good they are dropping, its normal to have to do the test in 2 weeks to make sure there Is nothing still retained, it is upsetting but I suppose its for our health. 
    im glad they are going to refer you and put you under their car xx @Hayz85

  • @Hayz85 I have a lot health issues so plenty of tests I already did would be tested Now for mc. First app is usually a derailed review of ur medical history ur family and ur dh. Then details about mcs so it's good to prepare and sort out ur memory. As for tests they do thyroid and associated antibodies, anti phospholipid syndrome, ANA, they may want to check ur tubes and partners sperm. As well as ultrasound for structural problems. Then also clotting disorders and many things I can't recall. Genetic testing if needed usually comes last. All my mcs were around 5 weeks and by my medical history she focused on anti phospholipid syndrome (I got a lot of autoimmunity in family and myself) and she wanted to check tubes, coz it's impossible to tell if any of mcs weren't in the tube. Well I had ectopic pregnancy confirmed and tube removed few days after that. So it turned out that tube was damaged so there must have been some issues before, I was just mcing naturally. My other tube is healthy, so that's definitely not whole story with this many losses. I have up on ever trying again but still want to go through investigation. Hope u will find ur answers. 
  • @MadDoda wow thank you hun for all the advice and information . I like to be prepared so I will write everything down. You have been through so much. I’m so sorry. No one should have to go through what we have all been through. Your such a strong lady. thank you for supporting us. 😘💕
    I do suffer with an underactive thyroid And have been on levothyroxine since giving birth to my first daughter 14 years ago. I then went on to have three other daughter over the years. 11,9 & youngest 7. My partner had sperm count done at doctors last year and it was high. He has 6 kids with his 2 ex’s . I had a scan done last year and at the weekend . They said everything looks healthy . I do have a tilted uterus and all my smears come back normal. 
    I think your right there must be more to it for all your losses and as that tubes healthy. Can’t believe how many woman go through miscarriages. Didn’t realise until it happened to us at how common it is. I don’t blame you for wanting further investigations ,I would to. I would want to know what’s causing the miscarriages. My Partner said last night that maybe I can’t carry boys. He has 4 boys and two daughters and he is one of 12 . 
    10 of them are boys and only 2 are girls. I only have 4 daughters so wondering if he maybe right. Would so love a baby boy but would be blessed with any little healthy miracle. 💕😘 sending big hugs and love 💕😘xxxx
  • @Amnx thank you hunni. It’s lovely not feeling alone anymore. I talk to my partner but it’s hard cause his not the one experiencing what I have been through body and mentally. I Feel like I keep failing him . we both really want our ikkle miracle together. We are Planning to marry next year. 
    You ladies are amazing and so strong. 💕😘xx Sending big hugs and love 🥰
  • I’ve been lead into this group.
    Did anyone have a healthy baby soon ish after having a misscarriage? I’ve just had my first one and now i’m worrying i won’t be able to have a baby, i’m over worrying i believe.
  • @Lily211 I had my first mc before my baByboy,  who I conceived straight after without period in between. So u definitely can have kids, it's unfortunate but chromosomal problems are very common and one time is considered bad luck. So don't give up! I'm sorry for ur loss, hugs

    @Hayz85 there is no scientific evidence about gender related mcs, but there is some relation of lower hcg in boys leading to Mcs. There are just way to many things that can go wrong so it's hard to tell without doing a lot of tests and even then there is no guarantee u will get an answer. I read hope u will tho, if u need to know anything more just ask or pop me a msg I'm always around, my next app is in about 8weeks x
  • @MadDoda so did you try again as soon as you could then? Or did you wait to have a period first then try? 
    Also did you always continue to take folic acid or pregnacare etc? 
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