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  • Thank you @EmJ3 😊 xxx
  • I had the same my daughter keeps coming up to me and higging and kissing my baby, luckily dont think she really understood that i had a baby in there.

    The worst thing is i just had a call from a midwife at my local gp who wants to do a corona 19 screening on me over the phone to make sure i have no symptoms, i hadnt answered the phone luckily and she left a voicemail, if i had answered i would of just cried i think, i had told my midwife about the mmc 😔xxx
  • thanks guys <3 i really appreciate it.....i wouldve been 13w today n its really hard :(

  • Hi all. Having read all your stories, I feel far less sorry for myself. So many truly awful experiences here and I'm so, so sorry for you all :(  

    I found out I was pregnant 10 days ago, after almost 20 years of trying to conceive without ever having a positive test. It's only in the last year or so that I'd resigned myself to the fact that it probably isn't going to happen and tried to get on with life. When I saw the positive test, I just couldn't believe it! I was soooooooooo excited and totally overjoyed. I was trying to be cautious as I really couldn't believe it could happen to me after so long and at 39 years old too, but I couldn't contain it entirely. 

    Last week I got hold of the clearblue digital tests with the weeks indicator and guessed something was wrong when I got '1-2 weeks' at 7/8 weeks. But I was still hoping and praying and testing every morning, desperately waiting to see it go to 2-3 weeks. Then I started spotting, but still I kept believing it would be fine. Then the bleeding got heavier and the cramps started :(  I couldn't sleep, I was in so much pain. The pain has eased a little over the last 2 days but I'm still getting agonising cramping every so often, as well as heavy bleeding with clots.

    So I've finally let go of that last shred of hope and now life feels so pointless. The disappointment just feels unbearable. I don't ovulate, am Clomid resistant and was diagnosed with infertility a long time ago. No hope of ever affording IVF and too late to be in with a decent chance of it working now anyway. This was a total miracle and probably my only chance and now it's gone and I'm so confused and SO angry. I can't get out of bed as it hurts to stand. I'm bored and pissed off. I don't want to do anything, talk to anyone, go anywhere. I just want my baby back :(   I know I'm being awful and my poor husband doesn't know what to do, but I just feel soooooo low. 

    Anyway, rant over. Does anyone know how long the pain and bleeding usually last? I think I was roughly 8 weeks. Xx
  • @MummyWobbles i was exactily 5 weeks :( it sucks i know but if it happpened once it can happen again.....they say its easier to get pregnant a second time

  • @MummyWobbles you poor thing! This is so sad to hear and I really feel for you. You've been through a lot and I'm sure your husband is understanding of you being awful. It's very difficult to know how to deal with so many overwhelming emotions and all you can do is be kind to yourself and do your best. My miscarriage was just before 11 weeks but i had a procedure to remove the baby as it was a missed miscarriage, so slightly different to yours, but the bleeding lasted around 2-3 weeks I think. I kept thinking the pain and bleeding was over and then it would start again which is really frustrating. I hope you heal quickly. The emotional pain will be harder I'm sure, but anytime you need to chat I'm here! Xx
  • Thank you Mrs B xx  I feel slightly better today. Still tearing up at every little thing but a little less moody at least. Poor you, having to have a procedure sounds awful and to bleed that long too! I keep thinking I should go and get checked as the bleeding is so heavy and the pain so bad, but I don't want to end up with Coronavirus on top of this xx 
  • You can ring a Tommy's midwife for advice if you are worried. They might put your mind at rest without going to a hospital and risking exposure xx
  • How are you ladies?
  • @MummyWobbles I'm so sorry for ur loss, I cant even imagine how u feel, but there is hope! If u are strong enough to try, u should do it. Have u ever tried ivf during ur journey? 
  • Afternoon ladies, I think I'm starting to having my second MC in a row. I am 6+3 today which is 2 weeks earlier than I was in Feb. 

    I had cramping most of the day yesterday with a small amount of blood I wiped then nothing over night. Took a test yesterday evening and it was a strong as my FMU one the day before. 

    Woken up today with no bleeding but i am having brownish reddish creamy when I wipe, cramps arent as bad as they were yesterday. My boobs dont feel as tender as they did before so I'm guessing this is going one way. 

    Have called the EPU and i need to get a referral from my GP tomorrow to go for an scan. 

    I know there are many ladies on here who have suffered much more than me, but how can I possibly be so unlucky to have my 2nd in 4 months :( 
  • @MadDoda not so good i wouldve been 16w tomorrow and wouldve got my gender scan this week :( 

    @Butsie185 oh no :( i hope u are wrong n it was just unexplained bleeding
  • Sorry to hear about your loss @MummyWobbles after 20 years, that must of hit you so hard, its definately one of the worst things to go through. 

    @Butsie185 will be thinking of you, really hope you get aome positive news

    @Catlady220 its hard isnt it, i would of been going for my 20 week scan this week and finding out my gender too 😔 i would of loved to of known what my baby was. 

    Praying we all get our rainbow babies soon, look after yourselves xxx

  • @Catlady220 @Littlepandacub thanks very much.
    There has been no bleeding or cramps today so really hoping it was normal early bleeding. 

    They have been me in for a scan tomorrow at 10am so fingers crossed it goes well, I will keep you updated x 
  • @Butsie185 I'm so sorry it's so difficult for you, but if ur test remain strong positive and bleeding stopped, there is hope. There are many reasons for bleeding in pregnancy. How bad are the cramps? Did u pass clots? 

    @Catlady220 I totally understand how u feel, I would be giving birth now from mc no2. Who knew I will have 3 more after and ectopic on top. Life is cruel. But we gotta stay strong,  cuz there is nothing we can do and life goes on.
  • @MadDoda I haven't had any cramps or bleeding today. There were no clots or tissue and wasnt enough to go onto a pad, it was only when I wiped. I took a test yesterday and today and they are both very strong and the same strength so I'm really hoping for good news.

    Its deffo not the same as my MC so its either all ok or a MC that wont happen  naturally like before.

    I have hope this time going into the scan which is something whereas last time I knew what the outcome was going to be. 

    I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow 
  • Scan was inconclusive this morning, theres a sack but no baby as of yet. As I dont have firms dates due to previous MC they have said it could just be that the pregnancy is earlier than I thought. Have had blood taken today, if hormones levels doubles in 48hours then it may be developing and they will scan again in 2 weeks,  if it doesnt or drops then its failing. 

    Just a waiting game now
  • @Butsie185 i have everything crossed for u
  • @bustie185 I hope everything goes ok! I'll be thinking of you 
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