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  • @bustie185 have everything crossed for you x
  • I'm just reading through all your stories girls and I keep my fingers crossed for you all. I just need somewhere to write all my emotions down. I'm a mess 😭 I lost my little girl on the 1st of april 2020 at 19 weeks. She had turners syndrome, large cystic hygroma, hydrops and hypoplastic left heart syndrome. We've just cremated her and she is now at home 🏡  with us. This was our first pregnancy. I just feel all alone I can't get counsellors cos of corona , my midwife has washed her hands of me. I just feel alone and so upset. I'm desperate to start trying again too but I feel guilty 😕.  Sorry to ramble girls xx
  • @Chloe888 it is absolutely devastating to lose a child. I feel your pain. Take each day one step at a time. I was desperate to get pregnant when I lost our baby boy at 21 weeks. I was a bit obsessive to be honest. We now have an 8 month old baby girl. You will get your rainbow! Xxx
  • @EmJ3 thanks for replying. Its heartbreaking I'm so sorry you've been through it too. I was so sure cos we were young and healthy at the 12 week scan everything would be perfect and it was just a total blow. She fought as long as she could and the only positive from this is we aren't carriers of turners syndrome it was just a fluke and all her other complications were because of the turners. I feel obsessive already and I can't even track anything till my af returns. Can I ask how long it took you to get your rainbow 🌈? Xxxx
  • Of course you can. We started trying 2 months after losing Jacob and was pregnant 2 months later. I did lose this baby at 11 weeks though but I knew it from the beginning as I’d spotted quite a lot and that was unusual for me. Jacob was our third baby and to lose him was so shocking. I just assumed once you were past that ‘magical’ 12 weeks, everything was five!! How wrong!!! We then waited 3 months just because I’d been struggling emotionally and we fell pregnant the first month of trying! We were very lucky. Matilda came along 1 year and 1 month after Jacob’s due date. I used the clear blue ovulation kit and it was fab! 
    I totally understand that overwhelming desire to be pregnant again and apparently you are more fertile after being pregnant so hopefully it will happen quickly for you. Be prepared for a lot of emotions when you do fall pregnant!! The anxiety is difficult but it is soooo worth it!!xxxx
  • Thanks for sharing! Totally you just assume once you've made it 12 weeks its all going to be ok!  Amazing on the first month of trying. I fell pregnant first time round straight away too with my little girl so hoping it'll be quick this time. I've just bought the clearblue ovulation kit to try and track! Need to wait really for my first period to arrive after all this to sort my cycle out ! My anxiety is going to be through the roof I know it ! I'm so sure in my head that what happened this time will happen again and I can't shake that emotion away. Xxxx
  • The same thing won’t happen again @Chloe888 it was just a devastating unlucky
  • @EmJ3 thank you for the reassurance! Yh your right its not anything genetic so hopefully we will have a healthy rainbow baby. Thanks for your support i really appreciate it. I just felt so alone xxxx
  • @Chloe888 this sounds absolutely devastating. I am so so sorry for your loss, and thinking of you during this heartbreaking time. Sending lots of love and hoping and praying for your rainbow baby soon xxx
  • @MrsB2010 thank you for sending your love xxxx
  • @Chloe888 so sorry for your loss and what you have been through, especially during this already difficult time. This is freat place to get things of your chest, im quite a private person and bottle things up, but i have to say, just messaging on here has helped me massively and everyone is so supportive. I hope you get your rainbow baby soon. Im due my next af in the next 10 days, but im not sure if i have ovulated this month, think i might give the clear blue ago, it took me 19 months to conceive our little angel we lost, so really hoping im more fertile and dont have to wait that long this time. Sending lots of love to you all xxx
  • @Littlepandacub thank you 😊!  It really is helping me to get it off my chest ! I hope you all get your rainbow babies soon 🌈 xxx
  • Hello all,
    My first pregnancy resulted in a missed miscarriage. I'm absolutely devastated. My fiance is devastated. We wanted a child so bad and were so thrilled to find out we were pregnant. It feels like all the shows I watch and things I read randomly mention miscarriage all of the sudden. My breast tenderness went away this morning. I'll start crying out of no where. 

    I so badly want to be one of those women who suffer a loss and go on to have healthy kids. Right now I feel like a statistic. How do you stay strong for your partner and move on? I so, so desperately want to move on. 
  • @HopefulMom28 I'm so so sorry for your loss. It is such a devastating time and something no one should have to go through  As far as staying strong for your partner and moving on there is no easy answer that I know of. In our relationship my husband was the strong one and I just fell apart. I'm 5 months on from my missed miscarriage and I still haven't 'moved on' but every day is a little easier and find that I am now happy more often than I am sad. I'm very blessed to already have a son and he is a great distraction. I wish I could give you some helpful advice or an easy answer but i can't. All I can say is that things do get better and the pain does start ease. I hope you are blessed with a rainbow baby soon! xx
  • @HopefulMom28 im sorry to say hun but there isnt any moving on.....its been 3 months 2 weeks and 1 day since i lost my lil angel and it still gets to me multiple times a gets easier but it never goes hubby like @Mrs B 2010 was the strong one.....we had the same reaction as u but only got to enjoy it for 4 days.....and those were the best 4 days of my life
  • Hi all just came on to read some of your stories ,you ladies gave really been through it , feel for you all so much and feel your pain through your words. Had two miscarriages one last june and one late feb .women who havent had any just dont know how it feels and how you feel afterwards etc .you are all amazing and I send you all my love and hope for the future xx ❤🌈🌈
  • @90schick thanks hun for the kind words <3 much love <3
  • Hey hows everyone going? Was due my 2nd period on monday after mmc, so decided to take a pregnancy test and to my surprise it came up positive, still very early days though and not counting my chickens just yet but i am over the moon, after it it taking us 19 months ttc then losing the baby, i have just got to try and keep calm and stay positive but dreading the 12 week in a month or so, so hang in there ladies and hopefully you will all get your rainbow babies soon, it was quite ironic that when scrolling through facebook a company called window the womb posted a post about it being rainbow baby day i could of cried. Hope none of you minded me posting this? Xx

  • @Littlepandacub thank you for posting this it gives me hope even the part about it being rainbow baby day ! 🌈 I got a faint positive on a frer on Wednesday so hoping it gets darker and going to test again tomorrow or Sunday! That has made me feel so much better thank you xx
  • what exciting times for you both! @Chloe888 and @Littlepandacub. I hope you both enjoy this time, despite the hard times in the past. sending you both the very best right now!
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