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Misscarry and loss - twins

heartbeat then no heartbeat with twins!?

So I found out from an internal scan last week that I was pregnant with twins.

A few days later, I received a ultrasound scan what confirmed 2 sacs, 2 heartbeats.

I had been spotting with some cramping pain 2 days prior to my scan.. but they reassured me that there was nothing there to cause a bleed and that everything was okay. 

3 days later, I had a heavy bleed with cramping (but no blood clots!) and it calmed down overnight- into the next day. I rang my midwife as I was worried.. who booked me in for a scan. 

At that scan, unfortunately they couldn’t see the heartbeats. There was no heartbeats. 

When seeing my midwife after my scan- and her looking at the reports... my first scan (were everything was okay) .. they were measuring at 6weeks 3days.. 4 days later when I received the emergency scan- one was measuring 6weeks 2days, and the other 7weeks 5days! My midwife couldn’t understand how one had grown so much in the matter of 3 days!! She gave me my options of what happens next ... but said she didn’t want to go ahead with any of them until I was rescanned. I have a rescan in 3 days time ... she’s not saying they are not correct because they are acturate- but with the big difference in measurements within 3 days.... she’s not sure that I’m only loosing one!? Any advice would be appreciated... I am expected to pass something in the next 2/3 days... and tonight ... the cramps have got a little worse and the bleeding has started again (no blood clots yet!) could it be possible I’m only loosing one!? With me being so early on aswell... the first day of my last period was 17th June.. thanks for reading x

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