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Help!! Still getting pregnancy symptoms after miscarriage

hi I’m new to this and don’t normally post things online but I feel like I’m going mad. So here goes, I found out I was pregnant on Sunday 28th July 19 done 2 test both positive was 1-2 weeks pregnant was over the moon and so was my partner. Then on Friday 2nd August started spotting with very mild cramps. Saturday slightly heavier bleed and again mild cramps. Carried on spotting no cramps till Thursday. I went to the drs on Monday was told I was having a miscarriage as they did a pregnancy test which was negative. Was sent away and told that I should take a pregnancy test the following Monday 12th. Which I did and it came back negative I’ve also had a blood test on Friday which also come back negative. I understand that the symptoms can carry on after a miscarriage but I seem to be getting new symptoms a week after the bleeding has stopped. Has anyone else had this happen?? Also I haven’t had any bleeding or cramping that would resemble my period or a miscarriage !! I have had a miscarriage which was really painful and very bloody. So I’m really confused as the dr just sent me away with nothing. Any help or advice would be very much appreciated and sorry for the tmi!! 
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