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Should I wait one month?

Hello I’m new to this site but wanted some advice. I found out at the end of May that I miscarried at 6 weeks. Long story short, I’ve had 2 rounds of medical management and have only just received the all clear after having “retained products” and waiting to see if my periods managed to shift everything. I definitely passed tissue during my last period (6th August) and the Doctor said to wait for one period before trying again. She told me the scan itself all looked back to normal and I was so relieved that this nightmare was over at the time that I am annoyed at myself for not asking more questions. Mainly - is there a specific medical reason/ greater risk if I don’t wait and try again straight away? I don’t want to ignore the advice of a professional, I just didn’t want to outbid myself at greater risk of this happening all over again by being careless.

Thanks x
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