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Am i going through a miscarriage?

Hello ladies! I’m in quite a desperate situation here.. my partner and I are living in the outback Australia and will not be close to civilisation (Dr. , hospitals etc) until the end of September. 
My period was late for 5 days, I took a pregnancy test and it was faded positive. 3 days later I took another test and it was ever so faded positive. I am now 11 days late for my period. I took another pregnancy test yesterday and it came out a little bit more clear positive. However yesterday afternoon I started to show a brown discharge and then during the night I woke up with strong cramps and a fair bit of blood. This morning the cramps continued very heavily but the bleeding has almost stopped. I am not sure what exactly is happening to me but I believe I’m going through a miscarriage? I have only one more pregnancy test left. Any recommendations on when I should take it? Thanks so much in advance for and replies, help and or tips!! xxx 


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