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Have you had a miscarriage? Someone help please, is this normal after a miscarriage?

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So I had a miscarriage on the 5th of August (almost 3 weeks ago) I was medically treated for that. Everything came out , had some extreme pain afterwards for two days went hospital no signs of infection every thing was fine . They said my body just reacted later that in should. I haven’t bled a lot , and after one week I only had brown discharge coming out . From few d days time the brown discharge got lighter and lighter , but today it looks dark yellow and smells like pus or something mixed with blood . Sorry for too much info , but I’d this discharge normal ? Is it still clearing out ? I have some little pain sometimes on the right side , I don’t know if it’s ovulation or what , but don’t have fever or any other bad symptoms. I’m a bit worried about the weird discharge though . Can someone help ? 


  • Hi hun, I had a miscarriage back in April with twins and had to have a d&c - two days later I was rushed to hospital with extreme pain, no discharge though they treated me with iv antibiotics.
    if I were you I would contact your gp though as if you do have an infection it can cause more problems so better to be safe than sorry. Hopefully it will be nothing and just the after affects of what happened. Take care 
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