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Not getting pregnant after miscarriage

I had a miscarriage at 6weeks and I have had two cycles since, there is not a time when we have not been having sex, but still I'm not pregnant, does anyone have a similar experience, I'm wondering if anything is wrong, I know two mths is nothing compared to others but I don't see how I'm not pregnant 


  • I know people say you’re fertile after a mc but for others it can take a couple of months for things to regulate. Have you been testing for ov? I Mc twice last year, it took 4 cycles each time for me to be pregnant again. Just had a little baby girl 2 and a half weeks ago so miracles do happen. Sending you lots of baby
  • Hi , not recently I haven't no, but I fell pregnant the first mth wen we started trying which resulted in mc at 6 wks. Two mths after iv spent loads on tests and just got my period again. Its baffling how if u know u have had sex then you are not conceiving, I would rather know if something wasn't right. Congratulations on your baby BTW and enjoy the cuddles while they are little xx
  • When I when I was ttc, I was told that even if you did absolutely everything right time wise etc, there was still only a 20/25% chance of getting pregnant. For some reason, this helped me a bit because it’s a bit of luck too. Therefore statistically, it’s 4/5 months before you could be the ‘lucky’ one and obviously it could be longer. 
    Keep doing what you’re doing!
    exercise, vitamins, bd, eating almond and Brazil nuts, with s healthy diet seemed to help me.

    good luck.xxxx
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