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Heartbeat, but baby won’t make it ...

I’d like to start a discussion please and I’m hopeful to hear of some similar experiences as hard as they would have been . 
I’m currently 10 weeks pregnant however the Hb is very slow and bean is not growing much . I’m basically waiting to miscarry . Having weekly scans and have been given a 0% chance of Baby recovering . 
How long will this take ? What do I do ?
The limbo is the worst . Any help/support would be greatly appreciated. I really don’t know what I’m doing .
imagining cramps , frantically checking when going to the loo. 
I’m in a bad place . 


  • In germany they would suggest an abortion at this point, if just to try to keep your mental health intact. You would be put to sleep and have a short surgery and not have to wait for weeks, maybe ask your gp about it.
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