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Hi everyone

First time posting on here so apologies if this has been discussed previously.

I am Rh Negative, I have one son who will be 2yrs old come November. I had my first Anti D injection at 28 weeks pregnant and possibly one after birth with my son however unsure on that.

We started trying for  baby number 2, early April 2019 and fell pregnant beginning of August 2019. I would have been 6 weeks pregnant today (04/09/19) but suffered a miscarriage on the weekend (31/08/19). I only had very heavy bleeding on the Sunday. Saturday, Monday and Tuesday was more like spotting; and I've pretty much stopped bleeding now.

My concern, and I'm worried to hell. Is that I'm going to struggle to keep hold of any future pregnancies. 

After calling my GP, 111, speaking to staff at an urgent medical centre and speaking to a midwife, I have been told I wouldn't have needed an Anti D injection as my pregnancy had not reached 12 weeks. 
But for some reason in my gut I feel like I would have needed one (maybe me just worrying too much).

My miscarriage could have been totally unrelated to my blood type and maybe just happened as I now know how common they can be (1-5 women experience a miscarriage). But I'm so worried that what if it's down to me and my blood type fighting it.

So the point of my post, has anyone experienced anything similar? 

Thanks in advance
Camilla 🌈 
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