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Pregnant after 3 miscarriages

I'm writing on here to share my story, looking for support and reassurance.
My first pregnancy was last year, it wasn't planned and abit of a shock, after getting used to the idea looking forward to having a baby and getting excited this was all dashed fairly quickly as I started to bleed I rang epu and they turned me away at first saying bleeding can be normal and to ring again if it carries on, it carries on so I rang again and went for a scan, the was no heart beat and had stopped growing at 6 wks following this I had a miscarriage that lasted about a week. 

After this we were happy with the idea of having a baby and wanted to try again so later in the year I fell pregnant again this time we carried on as normal hoping the same thing would happen again. I had a little worry in the back of my mind, I had a booking app at 8 wks and had got a date for my first scan this wasn't until I would have been 13 weeks, so I decided to go private and have an early reassurance scan, I was around 9 wks at the time, there was no Hb again and the baby had stopped growing at 7 wks. I had to go to epu to confirm this they booked me in for surgery but I naturally miscarried over a weekend on my birthday before the surgery date.

We then decided we still want to try so my third pregnancy earlier this year I felt a little detached over, trying not to get my hopes up to much and worried the same thing might happen again, so this time as soon as I found out I rang epu and they booked me in to have a scan at 7wks we went and for the first time I saw a heartbeat I did feel so happy and reassured, but that didn't last long later that week I started bleeding very lightly hoping everything was still fine but still feeling worried I rang epu and I went back a week later at 8 wks and had a another scan everything was still fine there was still a Hb so felt reassured again but as the days went on after this I was getting more and more worried as I was still bleeding, the scan had been on the Tuesday by the Friday I woke up in the middle of the night with bad pains which lasted for about 45 mins my partner woke up comforted me and the pains subsided I fell back to sleep woke up in the morning and went to the toilet and had a very heavy bleed with clots, I was so worried but still had some hope there that everything would be fine, I rang epu and told them what had happened they couldn't get me in till after the weekend and told me that they can't keep scanning me every week, on the Monday I rang the doctors in a attempt to get some answers and support with what was happening they wouldn't have anything to do with me said I needed to go to epu, on the Tuesday I had the booking app and with still a little bit of hope I went and spoke to the midwife about everything she referred me to epu the same day, I went and was scanned again, there was absolutely no sign of the baby I had miscarried again. 

After the 3 miscarriages we felt more determined than ever and carried on trying, in the meantime we had moved house and I had to change doctors, as soon as I was referred I booked an app with the doctor to ask about why I was having reacurring miscarriages and see if I could be referred for tests but I fell pregnant very quick, by the time I had the appointment with the doctor I found out I was pregnant again, so there was nothing she could do for me, I am now 7 wks and 3 days pregnant, I went into this pregnancy trying to feel positive and try not to think about it too much and just hope that this would be it and everything will be fine, I haven't contacted epu this time, I've registered with the doctors and have my booking app booked for Tuesday, my pregnancy symptoms feel very strong this time, im shattered all the time, I'm very bloated, suffer with constipation, feeling nauseous, my boobs are very swollen and sore, i've had like period pains and cramping but nothing major and so far no bleeding, but as 8 wks is looming im starting to feel anxious as it's always been between 8 and 10 wks I have miscarried, just need to carry on not thinking about it but I feel scared when I go to the toilet incase I've started bleeding and the thought of scans scares me so much now, all I can do is hope that everything is okay, I haven't felt like I've received much support at all previously but reading through the forums knowing that I'm not the only one out there that's gone through this, reading success stories and I guess sitting down and writing about it helps. 


  • hiya

    i am so sorry to read all that you have been through, how is your pregnancy going now?
  • What you have been through is horrendous. I know the feeling too well and it’s heartbreaking, you sound really strong and I love that you’re trying to be positive. 
    If it helps, after my 2 losses, I did the same. I didn’t go to the Epu either and did things differently for me. I booked a private scan at 10 weeks somewhere different, later I found out the gender etc and I now have a 10 week old baby girl. 

    I really hope hope this is it for you and you get your baby!!!!💖💖

    i found scans cans horrendous too- I cried at them all and felt so worried leading up to them, my anxiety was bad. I found telling the sonographer about my nerves and my losses really helped me- they were more caring and sympathetic and tried to let me know quickly that things were ok!

    keeping everything crossed for you. Xxx
  • Hey thankyou for the kind words and sorry for the late update and reply, the screening which the NHS do came back high risk so I had been anxiously waiting on NIPT results to return which came back low risk, I'm now so happy and over the moon to say I'm at 17 weeks, 5 days and having a baby girl, I still feel a little anxious at times but think that's normal anyway and hope I can get through and enjoy the rest of my pregnancy and look forward to seeing my baby girl 💗
  • As someone who had 3 mc's before successful pregnancy I will say it is very very hard, anxiety kicking in all the time, but if you ever feel you need some help ask your midwife, if you need reassuring just give a call to midwife again....hope your pregnancy will be easy and full of joy
  • @Hope23 I’m so glad that things are progressing well for you. You really deserve this after everything you’ve been through! And you’re nearly half way!!! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. Keep us updated. Can’t wait to hear about your beautiful baby girl!!!xxx
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