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5 week loss

Hi, I unfortunately had a mc at 5 weeks pregnant (my first ever pregnancy) I had a natural MC and the midwife told me I have to wait to have a negative preg test before TTC again. I am just wondering why this is? I am a little worried as me and my partner had unprotected sex yday and it has only been 1 week since I stopped bleeding so not sure if my HCG levels have gone back to normal or not yet. 

Thanks in advance x


  • Hey have you done a test?? I had a missed miscarriage, my baby didn’t have a heartbeat and only measured at 9 weeks when I should of been 11 weeks so I had surgery nearly two weeks ago and I didn’t bleed at all well it stopped after two days me and my partner have had sex aswell and people told me to do a test two weeks after to make sure it was negative and there’s faint lines on both tests which has just confused me as I doubt I could be already surerly not x
  • The best most accurate thing to do is get the levels tested by your GP. That is what I am going to do but wait until next week to be sure x 
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