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1st pregnancy loss

Hi all,
Hope everyone is well, I'm currently experiencing my first pregnancy loss at 6 weeks pregnant, after having a scan at the early pregnancy assessment unit and getting bloods took it was confirmed I was losing a pregnancy and they were treating it as an ectopic as there was no pregnancy to be found in the womb, at the moment I do not need to recieve any treatment as the pregnancy is passing on its own, I was just wondering how long it has took peoples cycle to return to normal after a similar experience and when people start TTC again, this has made me nervous and worry for the future x


  • Hi BeckyL24,

    so sorry this happened, I myself am 6 weeks but have been having weird symptoms, light pink blood after wipping, small cramps and today dark blood slimy, I’m worried since this too is my first pregnancy. What symptoms did you have?
  • Oh no. Hun, I hope everything is ok, when I was taking preg tests they were just all very faint and not really getting stronger so I just knew something was up, then on Thursday just gone at about 2pm I started getting cramps on my left side, they weren't very strong so didn't think much of it as I had cramps with my first pregnancy and had a happy healthy baby girl, bit about 2 hours later I found blood on my underwear, it wasn't much either but I just knew I was losing it, so I rang the pregnancy assessment unit at my local hospital and they gave me an appointment for an early scan which revealed the pregnancy has been lost, it could be worth giving your local pregnancy assessment unit a ring and see if they can get you an app for peace of mind? However they did say alot of women bleed dUring early pregnancy for many reasons and still continue to have a healthy pregnancy, so don't rule of just yet 
  • Thanks for the advise I called my OB and she will be scheduling me an appointment this week.
  • Sending you all the luck in the world, I hope it works out for you x
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