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Help? Is this miscarriage? Warning pic tmi

Ive been on an emotional roller coaster. I thought I was 8 weeks. Had some spotting and went to clinic. Hcg levels went down over 2 days. Was told I was likely miscarrying. Day after, my numbers were up and doctor was confused. Bleeding lightened and almost stopped. Ultrasound the next day, abdominal and transvaginal. The transvaginal one hurt me a few times. Bleeding worsened after with some light cramping. Blood clots (large). Then stopped and cramping stopped. Then this morning passed this large clot with what I am scared is tissue of my baby. 


  • I’m really sorry but it could be a mc. Unfortunately it does look like it. It’s really hard to tell though- I’m not a doctor. Sending you big hugs.xxxx
  • I would say this does look like it I'm afraid. But obviously I can't be sure and i am not trained in this field but there does appear to be a tiny fatal shape. The doc may be able to offer u another scan which would confirm this x im so sorry hun x 
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