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Advice for TTC after MC



  • @HannahC123 all of them were early 5+ weeks. For investigation u need three consecutive mcs, I had successful pregnancy after first... But they said if I'm pregnant again I qualify for early reassurance scan.  It is always painful, but I have my little miracle it helps me survive all this. If you are ready just track ov and go for it. I do believe we are more fertile after mc. I hope for u it was just singular accident and will not happen again.
  • @MadDoda awww that’s so good you got your little rainbow baby really glad you did bless you! I find each day it gets easier but it’s more like I’ve learnt to cope with it still have the breakdowns but not as bad which makes me feel abit better. Yes they have said we are very fertile straight away so we just thought why not it’s what we want and this time it’ll be a more positive outcomes fingers crossed :) xx
  • Good luck Hope it happens quick for you xx

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