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Possible miscarriage???

My partner and I haven't exactly been using any protection, I'm also not on the pill. Were not trying to get pregnant but wouldn't be mad if it happened either. I've always wanted to be a mother and have my own family one day. I noticed I was a few weeks late and decided to take a pregnancy test (cheap 1$ tests), I thought I could make out a second line (barely) but didn't pay much attention since the test I used was quite cheap. I didn't really want to think I might he pregnant even if I had been feeling more tired and nauseous for the 2-3 weeks before that, but I disregarded that and blamed it on the fact that I had been more active lately, until 5 days ago when I started bleeding and having more painful than usual cramps. Clots didn't look normal either. Below I'm attaching an image of what's been coming out. Is this a miscarriage???  Help 


  • It looks like it so sorry for your loss iv just has a miscarriage 2 days ago the day of my 12 week scan 
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