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Possible pregnancy miscarriage? Please help

Hi im 20 years old. I started taking some pills last month but ended up having unprotected sex after 4 days of starting the pills. I remember that i have missed one pill after a couple of days of that sex (I cant remember exactly the date  but i think its the day or two after ) . I just recently stopped taking the pills and I have started my period today. I noticed earlier that I have really bad cramps . When I checked, i saw this came out. Please help me. I dont know if this is just my period or if it is a possible miscarriage. I didnt also think of the possibility of being pregnant as i was on pills but this thing that came out looked really strange. Please help me. 


  • Hello, 
    sorry to read this but I think that you’ve had a miscarriage. That’s kind of what it looked like when I had mine :( 

    hope you're ok x
  • Hi lovely, to me it just looks like you’ve shedded your womb lining. 
    I was on the pill for 5 years and I had this many times! It’s completely normal. I wouldn’t rule out miscarriage but that looks exactly like womb lining to me  Xx
  • For me that would be a normal period and doesn’t look anything like my first loss. If you are miscarrying the likelihood is you would still get a positive test at this point as the hormones would still be high enough to detect 
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