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Ectopic pregnancy/hcg levels

3 weeks 2 days ago I had surgery to remove ectopic pregnancy and left tube.. I went and had a blood test done 2 weeks post op and they told me my hcg level was at 15. I have taken a home test out of curiosity a couple of times, last time I was sure it was negative but I took one today and it looks like a faint positive. I’m really confused about how long it should take my hcg level to reach 0? I would have thought at such a low level over a week ago that by now it’d be gone


  • I’m not too sure. My tests were negative after a week or so- definitely after 2 weeks. Are you trying again? Xxx
  • This was my first pregnancy and first loss, I’m so confused because I thought for sure my levels would be gone by now especially seeing they were so low.. definitely trying again @EmJ3 xx
  • How far along were you when you had your ectopic resolved @EmJ3? I was almost 8 weeks 
  • I didn’t have eptopic but lost a baby at 20/21 weeks pregnant and then at 11 weeks- had a d and c. 
    It will settle down and sending you lots of baby dust. You will get your

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