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Help! Gestational sac growth size

hello everyone,

Hopefully you are all doing good always!

I got pregnant from FET (IVF).it was transferred on 8th of August 2019. However Doctor has concluded that I am having miscarriage based on my two scans later.

the first scan was done when I was measured 6weeks 5days(LMP). However the MSD of gestational sized showed I was only 5weeks 5days and it was only an empty sac.

Today, I returned to do my 2nd scan where I should be 7weeks 5days(LMP). Doctor could see a yolk sac this time measured 2.8mm But the sac growth is not doing well. The MSD of gestational sac is only 12.1mm. It means it grew only around 1.7mm within a week which is really bad. 

Althought it was painful difficult, I have accepted it as a failed pregnancy (missed abortion) 😢 but what made me curious is Why the yolk sac can be seen this time.

Have anyone ever experienced this unfortunate case? 

😊 thank you
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