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Discharge/Spotting..Possible miscarriage

Hi this is TMI but i am so stressed and worried.. Im around 5w5d possibly 6 days.. I noticed a pale pink discharge last night when i wiped, then this morning it was brown I went to the clinic and they took blood and said my hcg levels were good and high. I go back Thursday to give blood again and make sure they are rising... At first i thought the discharge stopped but now i have this pink/brown color? Im afraid its going to get heavier and I’ll miscarry... I had a miscarriage in April
around 5 weeks.. I had some cramping earlier but nothing now. I feel fine. And the discharge/spotting is very light. None in my panties, none anymore when i wipe. I only saw it was this color because i inserted a tampon.


  • I’m around 5 weeks 2 days today and the same thing has been happening with me since 4 days ago, on an off light pink when I wipe and a little in my panty liner, I went for a scan yesterday and the saw yolk sac but no fetal pole because it’s so early I have to go back in two weeks oh the dreaded wait. How’s your symptoms and are your boobs still sore mine have eased off now which is what’s worrying me. Xx
  • @Kel7333 hi! it actually turned out to be nothing serious, i believe it was implantation bleeding but honestly im not sure. it lasted about 4-5 days and then stopped. It could be from an irritated cervix since me and my husband were still having sex. I went to the doctor a few days later and saw the baby when i was a little after 6 weeks but it looked like a little dot lol. I am now 12 weeks almost 13 and everything has been good so far. Good luck to you and i hope everything goes great! Its normal to not see anything so early, some women do but a lot of women dont see fetal pole until they're a bit further along.
    I didnt really have many symptoms and I still dont. I never got morning sickness, boobs were really sore at the beginning and grew a whole cup size. Really sleepy all the time and thats about it. :) 
  • Awww this has made my day so happy for you and a massive congratulations. I’m keeping everything crossed, I don’t have any cramping really just light pink blood when I wipe, so hopefully all will be well xxxx
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