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Miscarriage (graphic pics attached)

Hi I have recently done a few pregnancy tests I had then instantly put them away through getting distracted then I went the toilet after bad pains had this happen the first photo then I checked the tests they was like the photos below but I have showed a few people and they have said it looks like a misscarriage I instantly thought the photo looks like a baby would on a first scan? the way it’s kind of curled? I spoke to my doctor and everything he thinks this is the situation and wanted me to go for a scan but the hospital I got referred to wouldent seen me unless I had had 2 or more miscarriages before and the woman was really abrupt and said to buy a clear blue test and if it’s positive to go back and that was it basically it’s been 2 days and the blackish blood has now started I have been taking painkillers and in a lot of pain I’m just wondering what people’s opinions are do you think I’m being dramatic and this is normal or is what I suspect happening thankyou for any advice but one of the instant feelings I felt was all my “pregnancy symptoms instantly going within a few hours” but the past day I can start to feel them again or I don’t know if this is normal
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