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Guidance Please... am I possibly having a miscarriage?

 spotting yesterday. This is what I seen in the toilet. Blood does not have an odor yet most certainly not menstrual. I've been having cramps that feel like contractions along with lower back pain. I have been nauseated and vomited once, immediately right after swallowing my food. Yuck! Fluid comes out of nipples but pregnancy tests negative. Graphic photos. Let me know what y'all think.


  • To me that looks like uterus lining being shedded. When was AF due? 
    Plus your nipples don’t start producing the fluid till 14 weeks for them to leak? And a miscarriage that far along would be much bigger!
    I have had uterus/womb shredding a lot of times and it’s looked exactly like that! If it was a miscarriage and it’s jyzt happened you’d still have a High enough HGC to test positive 😊 if you’re worried though, do go and see your doctor!
    Best of luck in your next cycle/on your conception journey 😊xx
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