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Is this a miscarriage?

After my little boy was born, dec 2018 I had a iud copper coil fitted. And in September this year I was experiencing a late period and bleeding, found out I was pregnant, then after 4scans found out it was twins. 1 ectopic and 1 normal, unfortunately I lost the one in my womb and the ectopic had to be removed. After having Methotrexate and being discharged about 1.5weeks ago, I've started using the patch. And this morning woke up to bleeding and this....

Sorry for the long post, it's been a hell of a few months. My question is, have I just lost another one? 


  • Hi, sorry to hear everything you've been through recently! Hope your OK xx
    Not sure if this helps but I come off my pill 4 months ago after 9 years and I always get one distinctive clot like yours every month! But never got faint line or bfp before period came I would think the same thing as never had this before the pill I guessed it might just be my body getting used to everytbing again. 
    Hope this helps and good luck for next month 🤞😘 xx

  •  So I thought I had my period last week, and then on friday night this fell out. My cramps were horrible and I havent had my period for a good while but my period is irregular so I found that normal. Is this an early miscarriage?? 
  • Have you done a pregnancy test???  It could be but it could also be your uterus just shedding.xxxx
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