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When will i get my period

Hi everyone i just want to know i had a early miscarriage at weeks on 25 th september i wanna know when will i get my period i did a test yesturday but its coming up with a propa faint line does anybody know when i called get it again please. 


  • Hi, I had a early miscarriage back in September. I stopped bleeding after a week. I did a pregnancy test to ensure my levels had gone down after. I ovulated on day 18, 4 days later than usual but that’s to be expected after a m/c. They say it can take up to 6 weeks before you get a period. I’d recommend using opk’s to try and try your ovulation which will give you an indication of when af is due
  • Did you ever get a period? I had a miscarriage at 5 weeks and haven’t had a period since, that’s now 7 weeks 
  • they say 4-6 weeks, if you still haven't had one 7 weeks late I would contact your EPAU as you may still have some retained x
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