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Ovulation after miscarriage

Just had a question to see what you girls thought. I went for my first fertility appointment on Friday I wasn’t as happy as I thought I would be leaving there. She seemed a little bit short with me and didn’t explain things in depth. I had a transvaginal ultrasound at the time and she saw 10 follicles three of a mature state. I still do have hCG in my system, very small amount not sure the number but pregnancy test are almost negative. She stated that I may have just ovulated or maybe getting ready to ovulate she wasn’t exactly sure since that was my first scan has nothing else to go off. My question is can I still get pregnant with trace amounts of hCG in my system but also Ovulating 


  • MadDodaMadDoda Regular
    edited Dec 29, 2019 7:47PM
    If u ovulate hcg is insignificant. All it does its prolonging progesterone which supresses cycle same like bc. When there is little hcg, corpus luteum starts to degenerate and progesterone decreases allowing cycle to restart. It's weird she wasn't able to tell u if u ovulated, because cl is visible on ultrasound, if it wasn't there it is likely u will ovulate soon. So if u are ready to conceive then get to bd. Fingers crossed. Did u try tracking ovulation yet? 
  • Ok yea my friend said she thought it was weird she wouldn’t tell me too. Maybe she didn’t want to tell me because I told her that I want to start trying right away but my OBGYN said to wait 3 months and she didn’t want to go against her? She did she say she didn’t know where in my cycle I am. I have taken OPK and they are positive but I think that’s cause I have hcg present still 
  • No, with this little hcg, opk shouldn't react so strongly, I think it's as I said and as u think. It's real ovulation. It's your decision, timing is perfect. Just ask yourself if you are ready. Theoretucly long time passed since u mced coz u waited long for hcg to drop. Did they give u reasoning behind those 3months?
  • Just to show you the last few days of hcg and my one opk. No she didn’t other than to allow my body to heal? Sounds like bull crap! 

  • I had 3 mcs in 6 months, not as far as u but still and no-one said a word to me. I'm not a dr so I don't know for certain, but u know ur body and u know what u need. Just fallow your own feelings... I'm not sure if this hcg would give such a strong opk. Anyway if u decide u wanna try, Just keep doing opk and hcg in few days, regular bd and that's it. If it's not your peak then u will have one soon enough, but if u had mature follicles then it's very likely it's ur peak. 
  • I do feel ready and don’t see a reason to wait at all either!  Thank you for all your advice! You gave me more info than most doctors I’ve seen ! A doctor might be your calling! 
  • I learned that I can't count on drs that's why I'm studying. Now that I have access to all the information through university, I use it, a lot. I want to be a scientist, I don't wanna deal with ppl, dr isn't for me. I'm glad I can help. I'm just self educating in preparation for my app for recurrent mcs, coz I don't trust them either. You are welcome and if there is anything else I can help with, I'm around. Hugs and best of luck 
  • That’s amazing! Thank you @MadDoda xo
  • Hey @MadDoda I asked for a copy of my report cause I want to just know everything that is going on. Any of this make sense to you?
  • Sorry I don't have much  idea about this stuff yet. Don't think I can help. 
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