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Hi I am hoping someone can help answer my question. I am rhesus negative and I had anti d after all my 5 pregnancies and after a medical termination. My daughter is also rhesus negative and had anti d after her 2 live births. She had to have s medical termination but didnt have anti d afterwards.  Since then she has had 2 early miscarriages. Now she is pregnant again and we are very scared that she will miscarry again because she didnt have anti d after the termination. We want to the GP for advice but he was useless. Can any one on here advise us if my daughter needs to get anti d to protect this new baby please? Sorry for the long post,  thanking you in advance! Mijnou x


  • Hiya. Was the medical termination before 12 weeks?? 
    I know there is lots of new regulation in regarding anti in last few years. 
    I've had a miscarriage around 12 weeks and was told I didnt need anti as it was too early in the pregnancy. I'm currently 37 weeks pregnant and I was terrified too. 
    If you are unsure I'd try contacting a midwife who would know more and give ye a professional opinion. 
    Best of luck x
  • Summer08Summer08 Regular
    edited Jan 10, 2020 8:05PM
    If you are rh negative you are suppose to get it normally at 28 weeks and birth while pregnant or at any time blood could have crossed, such as a termination or miscarriage. You are suppose to have it done every pregnancy
  • Thank you, so there is no need to worry just yet? It's so horrible not knowing the facts, much appreciated! X
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