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Pregnancy test positive, followed by light bleeding and negative test a week later

Hi All, please help. 

I have been having cramps much of the last half of December 2019 and did not go on my period. On the 31st of Dec, I felt nauseous and vomited so I took a pregnancy test and it came back as negative. The cramping on the abdomen continued so I went to the doctor on the 5th of Jan and I tested again and the test came back with a faint positive. Later on in the day I tested using ClearBlue and it came with a strong positive. I was convinced I'm pregnant. A week later, 10th of Jan I went started seeing blood as I wiped myself after going to the toilet, also still had abdominal cramps and mild back pain. I was worried and went to the doctor that morning, he did a scan and said he saw nothing but a dot. He decided to do a test and it came back as negative. He said I should come back next week. But the next morning I decided to take a ClearBlue digital test first thing in the morning and it came back as negative. What does all this mean, please help?

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