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Possible miscarriage

Found out I was pregnant last Tuesday with a faint positive. Went to hospital last night as had dihorrea throughout day and  cramps and they tested HCG as sure I was having a miscarriage and it was only at 340hcg. I should be over 5 weeks now as last period was 6th December however I did have what I think was a positive ovulation test late in December so could maybe have ovulated late. I just think these numbers seem low for the fact I found out last Tuesday? Any help would be great I have more bloods tomorrow. I had an ectopic last year and was hoping this was my rainbow ✨🙏🏽🥺🙏🏽🌈✨


  • Number is fine,but u need to confirm doubling. With my mcs,  my numbers never go up to 100. Wish u the best
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