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Could I be pregnant after miscarriage

Hi there,
I had a miscarriage on dec 12 and was around 7 weeks pregnant  . I have heard that your 1st period after miscarriage can be weird depending on how far along u were .  I was  intimate with my husband 9 days later and a couple of times near end of Dec.. . I had my first "period" on jan 9-11 but was just very light pink spotting for all those days...  I took a pregnancy test on the 12th (prob too soon? ) and negative..... Could I possibly be pregnant with that type of bleed or is that normal after miscarriage?? 


  • After mc everything is weird, if u didn't ovulate, it could be it was very light nearly non existent af. Or it could be ovulation spotting or implantation spotting. Without tracking u will not be able to tell. Some girls are lucky and cycles are more or less the same as before mc. But most of the time cycles are messed for several months. Means they are longer it shorter with different ov dates and the way u experience pms or tww can be different too. 
  • I'm sorry for your loss, I hope soon u will get ur rainbow baBy 
  • Thank you, it's been hard especially after trying for 2 years.. . You automatically want to start trying again as soon as possible.... Hopefully if it was just a whacky period it will become "normal sooner than later... 
  • I totally understand the feeling, you will get there soon I'm sur
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