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Graphic!!!! Am I having a miscarriage???

Hey guys I am kind of freaking out I thought I was just on my period but then I noticed this, is this a miscarriage? Tyia


  • Is this too much information? Sorry if it is 
  • Try taking a pregnancy test it would probably still show hcg in your system if you were pregnant 
  • I’ve literally just had the same a few days ago.. I was too freaked out to take pictures but never had anything like this in my period before! Even after having my son! I’m 90% convinced although tests are coming up negative🤔 
    have you had any pregnancy symptoms like sore boobs etc? 
  • Definitely take a pregnancy test. 
  • That does look like a miscarriage.. that’s what came from me when I had an early miscarriage 😩
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