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Start of miscarriage?

Hi ladies,

I should be about 6 + 5 weeks right now (ultrasound dates me at 5.5 weeks though). Today I took a HPT to try and gauge whether my HCG is falling and it looks odd. Second line is faint which it shouldn’t be at this stage of pregnancy (I don’t thin anyway). 

can someone tell me why the first line is darker? I have never seen that.. only where the second like is darker. 


  • The first line is the line you want darker!! Second line is the control line, so cause your levels are high it’s making the first line stronger which is good! Xx
  • Yeah it’s taking the dye away from the control line. That’s usually a good thing!xxx
  • hun ur looking at the wrong lines.....the dark line is ur pregnant line <3 
  • The only thing with taking a pregnancy test is that miscarriage or not the HCG will remain in your system.. are you experiencing any cramping? I would pop into the doctor ASAP. 
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