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Ladies who have had children prior to miscarriages

Hi ,just wanted shared stories of any ladies who have had children and then suffered miscarriages after healthy pregnancies. I'm having my 2nd miscarriage in 8 mths and I have 3 children already ,nonidea if there is anything wrong as such ,I'm on thyroxine but my gp is aware of this and has been controlled for a while, was waiting for consultant referral while this miscarriage has happened again 


  • Hun Its unfortunate but with age number of eggs with chromosomal abnormalities increases hence chance for mc goes up. But u definitely can still succeed xx
  • @MadDoda if only hindsight were a thing 😒, thank you 😘
  • The fact that u have kids and didn't have problems before is a good thing. Maybe u should consider ivf with embryo screening. It's that safest way to avoid the problems. 
  • @MadDoda I know very little about if but isnt it very expensive? Couldn't afford it x
  • I think u should discuss it with ur gp, how old are u? Depending on age the requirement for referral on nhs is different. As for now it works it's simple, they take eggs fertilise them and screen for abnormalities. Select healthy ones and transfer them back. I think it's great method. 
  • I've just turned late November, having just looked it says you have to have been trying for 2 years for eligibility on the nhs under 40 . Yes sounds a great method if only the normal way was like that @MadDoda xx
  • Turned 39 November @MadDodax
  • You definitely should talk to gp about referral to fertility clinic. U had two mcs trying for awhile and ur 39 u don't have time to wait and wonder. If they will try to refuse u can always say u want referral anyway even if clinic will reject u. 
  • I havent been trying a year yet ,I started in may last year I'm not sure they would even consider me do you think ? I'm not expecting much from my gp to be honest ,half the time they just fob you off dont they x @madDoda x
  • Yeah they are useless but it's up to fertility clinic to accept referral, so u could just say u wanna try coz wait is long and ur not getting younger. I'm not sure if being 39 u need a year if trying or less but still u have to mcs in history Now. It's always worth trying. 
  • Thanks @MadDoda I didnt even think of this as a option ,I know very little about the procedure or how things work but thanks for bringing it to my attention xx
  • U know, u may not need it. But trying to get referral while keep trying isn't a bad idea. Coz wait can be long. It's good to consider more options. I still hope for the best for u xxx
  • Just statistics with abnormalities and age eggs etc does concern me a bit ,wonder if that's the problem . Again thank you , has this option not been one for you at all ? Xx
  • I'm 31 I had 5 mcs and ectopic, don't know how many of my mcs were ectopics. I don't know why it happens. My life made me abandon studies early on and restart them now. I'm not willing to wait with no certaininty that it will work. I rather focus on what I have and invest in my career. 
  • At least you have found what you want and made your choice after all you have been through now you can focus on that . When you are younger you think you have all the time in the world now all of a sudden I'm 39 . Had my first at 19 she had physical problems which needed alot of attention etc so we didnt have our second till I was 31  and was still young anyway prior to that ,then decided to have another when she was 3 ,I was coming up to 35 by time I had him x
  • I was forced to make this choice. 

    I rushed to have kids as soon as we were stable enough with my dh, coz of my health problems. It's a miracle we have a son. I always wanted kids, just never had the chance. 
  • I suppose it's better to know what is going to happen with going forward than keep trying after all the miscarriages x
  • This feeling can't be described with words. So it's not smth I talk about, ever. 

    I hope u will recover quickly and have some good news quickly x
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