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Partner not keen on trying again

Being still early days as still not miscarried naturally but bleeding for 8 days ,myself and partner have discussed what to do from here ,up to now he has said whatever I want to do we will do etc till tonight he has said after having 2 miscarriages and it hasnt worked he isnt keen on ttc again as fear of it happening again and I totally agree with this fear as I feel the same but I think the reason I'm finding I'm coping with this 2nd miscarriage reasonably ok is the fact I thought we would be trying again , no one knows the future or if it will or wont work out ,such a scary thing to do or not do ,I'm totally confused by the prospect of deciding anything right now 


  • I totally understand u both. It's smth hard to deal with, it's painful...

    I have suggestion. What about u exclude him totally from ttc thing and just have sex or initiate it regularly and see if he will take precautions or not. Maybe he will give in naturally, even if not straight away maybe after short break? 

  • Hi @MadDoda he probably won't mention anything knowing him ,as I usually have to bring up things  first excuse the pun. The more I think about it the more I think its happened twice it will happen again something is not right. Saw my gp other day she wont do anything, no tests nothing so that wasbloody helpfull 😒 x
  • I don't mean him talking I mean him cumming without protection. 

    I understand second mc is harder than first, because u still hope it's not a pattern but in the same time it terrified ur one step away from it being a problem. I don't have advice for u, u gotta find ur own way to deal with it. But I think more natural approach as I sugestested without talking and planning would be best. Just guide him with temptation and see what he does about ejaculation. X
  • @MadDoda yes I knew what u meant ,I mean unless i mention that subject I doubt he will mention anything, but after two I might be wrong . Just think it's unfair that he should change his mind if yhats upsetting for ne ,but I do understand y hes saying this too. Bloody difficult subject I understand y it causes issues between two people x
  • He is going through this tragedy in his own way. Give him time. Hugs
  • Currently in hosp had excessive bleeding and huge clots shocked at the amount etc x
  • It means that your hcg dropped and ur real mc starts. Take care of urself. Hugs
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