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Sex after miscarriage

Hi ,after a particularly traumatic miscarriage cervix dilated large clots and more than normal heavy bleeding I havent managed to get any medical advice yet as been concentrating on other things .obviously when the bleeding completely stops is one thing but if any of you ladies have had a similar experience and when did you or your body feel ready again? I had a miscarriage last june and we had sex 7 days later but it was nothing like this miscarriage has been ,having only passed clots etc friday and lots of blood ,now its brown slight blood which is the tissue that was left behind in my womb ,sorry to be so graphic 


  • Hi again love, sorry that I perk up everytime, but sadly I got plenty experience in those things....

    Once again I'm so sorry that this post has been so terrible for u. As for being ready mentally I was always ready fast, did it as soon as bleeding stopped, as for physically, since my mcs were all early, even although some were really bad heavy clotty etc, we still did it after bleeding stopped. After last one I was advised to wait 2-3 weeks after surgery to have sex safely. After labour we took a month to start.

    So physically I think u are fine when bleeding stops, mentally only u can know how u feel. As u said it was fairly traumatic so I wouldn't rush. If u have doubts u should wait. Hugs
  • @maddoda thanks for ur feedback ,always glad of people who reply and try to help x
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