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Spotting 6 weeks after D&E HELP.

I had found out I had a MMC on the 03/03/2020 from baby having no heartbeat at the scan, I had the medical treatment on the 11/03/2020 but ended up bleeding heavily and went for a emergency D&E. Its been exactly 6 weeks today and for the past 3 days I have had light spotting so light it wouldn’t even fill a liner but yesterday it seemed to have stopped and today again I have had a light bleeding making it day 3 no counting yesterday. Is this normal or signs that my period may be returning. I have also had unprotected sex with my partner throughout the month. So confused what my body is doing 


  • Hi there,
    so so sorry for your loss. I’ve just experienced the same thing— no heart beat and am currently recovering from a D&C. What I’m hearing is that your first period after may be different than it used to be while your lining is getting stronger again. My bet is that it’s a period learning to do its thing again. Hope you’re well!
  • Hey thank you for your reply, I think it was just my body learning to do it’s thing again as I ended up getting my period exactly 9 weeks after my D&C. It was a long wait but was glad the day it came knowing my body’s back to normal 
  • I’m so glad 🙏 hoping mine will follow as well :) 
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