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Advice! Does this look like an early miscarriage?

Hi all I apologize in advance for the graphic photo. I have ovarian cysts and was always told I am not ovulating due to screwy, messed up and irregular periods. I’m on a birth control that gives me my period every three months but this month I began spotting and having heavy blood clots (I do take other medicine aka might cancel it out?  I also wasn’t supposed to have my period until next month)?  This lasted up until two days ago when I began bleeding heavily with extreme cramps. This morning I woke up to find this tissue!  Does this look like an early miscarriage or just tissue?  I do not want to go to a doctor because i am nervous about what my parents might say!  Thank you


  • I'm sorry I dont know what it is but if you did go to the doctor under patent gp confidentiality they are not allowed to tell your parents anything so if you need you need to see the doctor go it's all confidential!!
  • You dont have to worry about your parents right now. Especially as you are passing such clots your health comes first right now you need to figure out what is this whether it's because of birth control or its miscarriage. Due to covid 19 I'm sure it's difficultto to get any medical help right now but it's still possible and more than 1 person might not be allowed as precaution. 
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