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Hi ladies...I'm 34yrs old and have had 3 miscarriages..n I also have an 8 year old daughter. 
My period was 5 days late early this month..(April 2020)
then I decided to take a test..which was faint positive. The next day took another clearblue also positive n a bit darker. I also took bloods which indicated that I'm 4weeks pregnant. 
On the 8th I had brown discharge when wiping in the bathroom which lasted about an hour. Then stopped I thought its implantation. 
Then the next day on the 9th the brown discharge again but this tym with pink blood....but It continued n became red like a period with some small clots.
My chemical miscarriage was confirmed  on 10 April 2020 Goodfriday when the dr did a transvaginal scan the uterus n tubes were empty. 
My Right ovary though showed some mature follicles. 
Which might have been an indication that I would ovulate soon.
Now that was 2 weeks ago n I think I would ovulate this week.
I was wondering if anyone has experienced a chemical pregnancy and got pregnant afterwards...
How long did it take and was it a successful pregnancy...


  • I'm so sorry for ur losses, I got pregnant after my first early mc immediately, no period. But I track bbt so I always know exact ovulation day. That was successful and my son is 1.5yo. Then I started to try for my second and I was pregnant 5 times in 8 months, unfortunetaly no success and one tube left. So even with terrible circumstances u can have a healthy pregnancy, I manage to have one. Hope u will not have to go through this ever again, hugs
  • @MadDoda thank you for sharing your experience with me. I'm hopeful that it will happen soon. Before this loss inhad been struggling for four years so even my gynaecologist said I should be positive as this is a sign that I cn still fall pregnant since I had unexplained infertility. 
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