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D&C or pill?

Hi ladies,
I’m expelling my pregnancy next week and I’m deciding between the D&C or taking a pill. Initially I wanted to take the pill to be in the comfort of my own home. Also I’m fearful the d&c will be painful. But I chose the D&C because my doctor mentioned there are cases where the pill doesn’t expel all the tissue and I’d have to go in for a procedure anyway. Also a D&C sounds quicker and I just want this to be over with. 

In the fine print my doctor said “most women are still able to get pregnant after a D&C”. I know she’s legally supposed to say that but now I’m all freaked out this will affect my fertility! Any experience out there on preference between the two?



  • Firstly, I’m really sorry for your loss. I’ve had both unfortunately. How far are you- as in how many weeks? X
  • thank you for your kind words @EmJ3. I am currently at 8 weeks, but it appears the baby stopped developing at 5 weeks, so very early on. Initially I wanted the pill but doing some reading online, it looks like D&C is quite common and may be the best option in getting it done quicker. My biggest concerns are affecting my ability to get pregnant again and being able to try again as soon as possible. My heads kind of all over the place today!

    How were you experiences with these options?
  • The pill is probably the ‘safest’ means of delivering the baby regarding ttc again quickly but it can be a little drawn out- not necessarily though, it can be quick for some. As you are quite early, hopefully it would be quick. I am by no means a doctor though- just my experience. 
    The d and c is much quicker and I think less stressful emotionally but I have heard that It can cause issues with ttc again. However, in my experience it didn’t. 
    I have had my rainbow baby since my losses. 
    Good luck- I know it’s an awful thing to go 
  • @EmJ3 thank you so much. It's so great to hear you have your rainbow baby. Gives us hope!
  • A close friend of mine had the pill and it was a horrific experience for her very painful made her unwell and alot of bleeding . Of course everyone is different sorry for your loss :( 
  • I  was pregnant in september and had a early scan cause my hcg levels where very high . They couldnt see anything so i had to keep fasting and going back for scans twice a week . For 3 weeks they could see my womb but no sign of a baby so they said i needed a d+c  it took around 2 hours till it was over and i was allowed home . Took ages for my horomone levels to drop . Was in pain and bleeding for over a week . 
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