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How long after missed mc do you get a negative pg test?


I had a scan just over 2 weeks ago, which showed I'd had a missed mc. I had the ERPC on 22nd of May, so 12 days ago. The consultant wants me to have a b-hcg blood test done 6 weeks after the ERPC due to a partial molar pregnancy I had years ago. 

I've just done a home pg test and a very positive faint line came up within a minute. I could see it but it was very faint. I've just checked it again half and hour later and it's slightly darker and the background is totally clear now (I know you read them within 5 minutes as they can be false).

Dh and I don't want to wait to ttc until after 6 weeks is up if we don't have to as time is not on our side and it took us a year to conceive our angel baby, so I was just wondering how long it usually takes for hormones to fully leave the body?

I don't feel pregnant in the slightest, have no symptoms, am not sore anywhere or anything.

I'm also charting my temps at the moment and my temperature is still low, so I haven't ovulated yet (fertility friend says it should be today or tomorrow) and surely I would still have a higher temp if I still had decent hormones in me? 

Thank you for any advice, sorry it got long. X


  • Hi hun,

    Firstly, sorry to hear that you have been through this. 

    Not sure how helpful this is but I've had two Mc in the last 6 months, one at 9 weeks and one at 7 weeks. 

    For the first one, it took two weeks for my levels to drop and I ovulated 19 days after Mc. 
    For the second one it took a week and again I ovulated 18 days after. 

    We didn't leave a gap between the first MC before trying and I fell straight away but this time around my GP has advised to have one clear cycle before trying again so I'm CD15 awaiting ovulation. We want to do things 'by the book' incase we have more issues and need to have investigations. 

    Fingers crossed for you x 

  • Hi

    Sorry for my late reply. I'm sorry you've had miscarriages, it sucks doesn't it. 

    I've had 3 weekly blood tests, the last being last week and it was still showing b-hcg in my blood, albeit low.

    The gp has given us the go ahead to try again this month (as I'm due to ovulate this weekend according to my fertility friend app - I'd had a heavy period the week before last).

    But I still have to have another test next week to what my levels are. 

    Fingers crossed this month for both of us x
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