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Miscarried 12 weeks


Unfortunately we lost our Angel baby at 12 weeks and I’m trying to come to terms with it all. I don’t really know any facts so was wondering if someone could help. 

When am I expected to get my next period? I miscarried my angel on 4th July and not yet got a period. How long do they usually take?

me and my partner haven’t been using contraception and had sex about 2 weeks after we lost our baby and a few other times since

I’d just like to know if I need to do a test to see if my hgc level is at zero or not. I don’t want any false hope

thank you 
Em x


  • Hi @Emma Charlotte
    Welcome to the forum, though we're so sorry to read of your loss. 
    We wanted to let you know about this thread, where we have spotted another member in a bit of a similar situation to you, so we thought we would let you know about the thread - you can find it here. We do hope it helps.

  • Hi emma
    I lost my baby 2 weeks ago . At 19+1 . It's the most devastating thing ever. 
    This is ny 2nd miscarriage.  My 1st was at 9 weeks bk in 2019. 
    I think they say your period will return within about 6 weeks after a mc  . But you may find them a little out of sink for the 1st few months. 
    I did because during ny first mc they discovered I have fibroids too  , which made the mc this time ai much more dangerous  .

    After my first mc I was told to take a test after 3 weeks just to make sure my levels had gone down completely  .

    Hope this helps 
  • Hi Kim. I have direct messaged you 💜
  • I’m so sorry for your loss (both of your losses- I have replied to you @Kim2020).

    miscarriage is totally devastating. Physically your body heals quite quickly but mentally, it is a whole different thing. I lost our little boy at 20/21 weeks and then another baby at 11 weeks.

    You do need to ensure that your tests are negative otherwise it will torture you and it’s awful. 

    Periods returning is different for everyone but they do say that you are more fertile after losing a baby. 

    I’m here if you want to

  • Thanks @EmJ3 even just your response means a lot. 

    I didn’t do my test because I couldnt face it and kind of pushed it to the back of my mind. I had a D&C so and then a scan and they where confident it had all gone. 

    Just don’t know when to do a test next? Should I do one to get it out the way or wait until 6 weeks? Which is I think next week?

    im so sorry for both of your loses. You are always made aware that this can happen but nothing ever compares to what it actually feels like x
  • I had a d and c with my 11 week loss. 
    I would do a test because you can get pregnant quite quickly. Then you will know when you are pregnant again.xxxx

    i hope it happens
  • I did a test and it was negative 👎 
  • But now you know when you get that bfp line, it’s real. 

    I really hope it happens quickly for you.xx 
  • Thanks so much 💛
  • Just wanted to express my sympathy for you Emma. I also commented on kim2020 post.

    this is terrible, I can’t even imagine. I’ve had 2 very early losses but can’t imagine getting past the safe point and having it happen. 

    Can’t really advise on the physical health side of things, but I can the mental side; please both of you seek help to cope with this if you need. Your GP will be able to signpost you to counselling or therapy services and there are a number of charitys

    please do keep talking if you need x
  • Thank you @Aliciab90 that’s so kind xxx
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