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Bleeding at 5 weeks

I have had brown very faint bleeding since Sunday when u would have been 4.5 weeks..... today I’m almost 5.5 and it’s gone bright red. It’s not heavy does not require a pad and it’s stopping and starting. I’ve got a little niggling pain but I wouldn’t say cramps. I can not have a scan until I am 6 weeks which will be Wednesday hopefully. Does this sound like a miscarriage? Really upset and worried


  • Im so sorry for what you're going through. It's such a worrying time. This happened to me and unfortunately it was a miscarriage. I do however know of other people who have bled and still remained pregnant. Keep hope until you know for sure. Feet up and rest. Honestly, resting can make all the difference sometimes. Good luck. X
  • Thanks for replying I’m sorry to hear of your miscarriage. Did your bleeding get any heavier ? This is day 8 now and still just light on and off, I’ve still got pregnancy symptoms and tests are still showing very prominent lines. I wish I could fast forward a few weeks so I just knew what was happening 
  • @jakeyboy do you mind if i asked what the outcome was? Im going through this right now and my mind is all over x
  • I'm also going through the same thing. 5 weeks, 5 days and have been lightly to moderately bleeding for 5 days. I went to the doctor who isn't concerned yet but everything I'm reading about normal early pregnancy bleeding is saying "light" and "a couple days." This is now longer than my average period. I have occasional light cramps but nothing severe. I'm so confused and feel like I'm not getting enough info.
  • @DelPeanut i bled for over 3 weeks and still am now slightly, colour, heaviness and consistancy always changed too. Ive had 2 scans and both showed a heartbeat x
  • I'm also 5wks 4 days pregnant and yesterday started to bleed, been like a period and having to wear pads, lower tummy and back ache with it aswell. I spoke to midwife and she said I have to ride it out and retest next week, im panicking and feel so upset :( do i hold hope? xx
  • Hi Tori. I'm exactly the same as you. Possitive texts getting stronger all week and then after intersperse Friday night I started to bleed. All day yesterday on and off. Filled 1 pad the rest when I wiped. Really bad cramps and temp. Called EPU who said little they could do before 6 weeks and that I should retest in a week but they've booked me in for a viability scan on 16. 11.20 to check. Me being paranoid tested twice again this morning and the lines are much fainter than yesterday so I know in my heart levels are decreasing and last night I miscarried. 

    Fingers crossed for you sending love xx 
  • Ohh bless u sorry to here ur also going through this, im so confused with everything:( I feel as though Im Having a heavyish period, as my periods are always like that so I'm associating the bleeding to my period.. I rang maternity unit again at another hospital yesterday and they have referred me 2 epu and hopefully they will now scan me, im going to retest today, but this will be my third day bleeding. I also believe this is a miscarriage but my partners trying to hold hope, sending love and thoughts to you, its a horrible situation xxx
  • It really is hun, and the waiting around for answers and scans just adds to the stress and worry. I literally started obsessing last night on here reading success stories etc and my best friend literally (in the nicest but firmest way) told me to stop because not every one is the same and I was building false hope for myself. 
    What will be will be I suppose. 
    My other half is also in denial I think. He just doesn't understand. 
    Let me know how you get on. Will be thinking of you and keeping fingers and toes crossed for you hun xx 
  • I know, I was doing the same yesterday, googling and on here looking up everything. I agree not feeling very positive atm :( same to you aswell xxx
  • Hi everyone, thank you for sharing your experiences. I'm sorry to those of you who are going through a miscarriage, it's truly an awful time. I'll share my experience, not to scare people but just to offer some information since what happened to me is pretty rare and I hope that others who experience this will find some solidarity in my story.

    After I made my original comment, that evening the bleeding and cramps got worse. In Canada we have a health line we can call to talk to a nurse and when we spoke she told me to go to urgent care immediately. It was there that they did a blood test and said my pregnancy hormone level (HCG) was only at 136 when at this stage in pregnancy it should be at 8000. They also did an ultrasound but couldn't see anything. The doctor said I miscarried and then referred me to the Early Pregnancy Assessment Centre (EPAC) for follow-up. EPAC sent me for another blood test 2 days later and my HCG went up to 195 so they called me in for a transvaginal ultrasound. They were worried that I may have an ectopic pregnancy and said that since my HCG went up, something is still growing inside of me. Unfortunately, they couldn't find anything through the ultrasound and the specialist then said I have a pregnancy of unknown location (PUL), likely somewhere outside the uterus, and that they'd have to closely monitor me as it can be dangerous if the growth causes a rupture. The pregnancy was unlikely to be viable and I needed to wait to see if it would dissolve on its own. If the HCG levels continue to go up, it means that I would need methotrexate which stops cell growth and dissolves existing cells - it's a very very low dose of chemo. This isn't ideal if you're trying to get pregnant as you have to wait for 3-6 months to start trying again. They did another blood test that day and said I needed to go for blood tests on a weekly basis until my HCG is down to 0 and if it doesn't go down quickly enough, I must have treatment. They called later that day to say the HCG went back down to 150 but was still stable enough that I need to be cautious and listen to my body. Last week, I went for my 4th blood test and my HCG finally went down significantly to 65 which means it's on the right trajectory and my body seems to be dissolving the pregnancy on its own. I'm now waiting results from my 5th blood test.

    I've never heard of a PUL before and certainly didn't think things could get so complicated. Despite knowing that bleeding in early pregnancy is normal, I knew by the 3rd day of consistent bleeding that this wasn't normal for my own body - I barely even bleed in my actual periods so that much blood coming out of me during pregnancy didn't make any sense.

    Emotionally this was all very hard but now that I've been able to accept the loss of pregnancy I'm feeling more positive and sure am going to appreciate when I do get to have a healthy pregnancy!

    I wish you all the very best and hope that you'll find a light at the end of whatever tunnel you're going through. 
  • On my 43 day, around 11:00 o’clock in the morning  I had a cramp that couldn’t handle so layed myself in bed and later woke up around 12:00 to have lunch saw blood on my underwear so, at first freak out. (Sorry TMI) later I got pad n new underwear. I decided to call my Ob office luckily got appointment at 3:30, went for appointment still my test showed positive but no blood on pad, it was still when I used to wipe after urine had on toilet paper, she scanned me twice couldn’t find anything external so decided to do internal but couldn’t find heartbeat 💗 she tried to look if it’s growing anywhere that it’s not suppose to still couldn’t find anything..😣
    lastly we did blood work for my hormones level and now I have to go again 45 day for same blood work. I am on 44day, been researching a lot today it give crazy feelings. Per research, Sometimes it’s to early to see heartbeat and also I had brown blood last night and bleeding while wiping down (tmi) somewhere I have all mixed feelings right now. Please share if you guys been in same boat. What are recommendations ?? 
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