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Miscarriage and ovulation.

So it’s been a week today since I had a miscarriage, I was 5 weeks and 5 days. After tests it appears I had a complete miscarriage and within 2 days my HCG level dropped to 8 (unsure of units of measurement). 
First pregnancy and now I feel I’m ready and wanting to try again. 
I’ve been told periods return within 4-6 weeks and read that you can have sex after all symptoms of miscarriage have gone which I believe they have. 
I’ve always been one for feeling when I’m ovulating and can tell which side it’s on, it coincides with when my tracker app tells me I am except I feel it too. I have started to have a very slight twinge on my right side and wondering if I may be ovulating so soon. 
Wondering if there’s any woman out there who’s fell pregnant before first period after miscarriage? 


  • I havent personally but a lot of people do, if your ready go for it.
    they say you are more fertile now x
  • Suppose it’s worth a shot if I’m feeling ready and symptoms of miscarriage have gone! X 
  • I did, it didn’t end how I’d have wanted it too but 2 months later was successful. It was probably a complete fluke to have a second mc straight after however I think there is some merit to letting your body have a period and get back to normal. Sending you all the luck in the world xx 
  • Thanks so much for your message and I’m sorry that you had to go through that again so soon after. 
    I do get where your coming from although I have read a lot now that there is no medical reason for you to wait and it’s more because they find it more difficult to date your pregnancy if you have success x 
  • Yes no medical reason at all, it’s good to jump straight back into it. Xx 
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