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Strong positive test followed by heavy bleeding

Hi I think I'm just clutching at hope but anyway... I found out I was pregnant on Monday (now Sunday) I took a first response and it came back really strong positive the next day I took a digital clear blue came back pregnant 1-2 weeks and then I started bleeding Friday night then had heavily bleeding Saturday so I phoned epu near me and they've booked me in for a scan on Tuesday, panicking I took another digital clear blue last night and it came back not pregnant, I've had 5 miscarriages but I've always bled for longer and I'm not bleeding today but obv the test last night said not preg. I know deep down I've had an mmc but I don't want to believe it, should I still go for the scan or just leave it as the test I took last night surely that would of been pregnant. My last period was 4th July so I would be very early. I'm not in pain at all and lost a a few tiny clots. My boobs were sore but there not anymore 😢


  • Do whatever you need to do - you're not wasting anyone's time getting a confirmation. I'm really sorry this has happened to you xxx
  • I would still go, it could be that last nights urine was diluted.
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