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Recent Mc making me nervous

So I miscarried a few months ago and since then my periods have been slightly off where as before they were point on every month. I stopped tracking my cycles after mc bc of heartbreak :( however I realized this weekend I was supposed to get my period and took a test “just in case” as we all have I’m sure and got a faint positive. Took a digital test and got a positive. 
My last Mc I didn’t get a positive test until I was 7 weeks along and I’m 5 1/2 right now. I’m worried about the lines being faint, and any sort of cramping I feel makes my heart drop. I’m really scared and it’s hard to enjoy this time that I should be celebrating my positive tests! 


  • I’ve been though this last year ... and I know it’s hard . But you got to remember that stressing over everything only makes it worse as your body produces stress which is bad for your immune system , you and the baby . You’ve got to think positive . We are trying for A baby aswell now , and I’m also scared but I try to think positive . I hope it goes all well for you 😘
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