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Think I’m pregnant

hi I had a miscarriage on the 25th august I had sexy time on the 1st of September I took 4 pregnancy text all come back with two lines, can I possibly of got caught again because in the scan it was empty my hcg levels went so low to be told I was no longer pregnant.. I don’t no Wah to think xx 


  • Lady’s I need your advice 
  • Beni96Beni96 Regular
    edited Sep 8, 2020 6:40PM
    Are the lines faint or are they really VisiBle? I mean It’s only been like 13 days since misscarriage ...they said to me that i need to take a pregnancy test after 3 weeks to see if the test is negative . It might be too early for the hcg levels to gow down to 0 in 13 days that’s why tests still show positive . 
  • I didn’t think they would be this dark after a miscarriage 
  • Yeah I think it might just be that the hormone levels haven’t gone down since misscarriage . Like I said you need three weeks for the hcg levels to go down , and it’s only been two weeks . Give it another week and test again . I mean that’s what I would do . 
  • Thank you, can they be that dark after a miscarriage x
  • Also I don’t think it’s possible for you to get pregnant and implantation to occur so fast as implantation occurs around 9-12 Days past ovulation and since you had sex it had been like 7 days so it’s impossible for the egg to even implant for the test to show positive yet hun x 
  • Thank you x
  • @Yas12 I done a test three weeks after misscarriage and there was a very faint line , did one a few days later and was negative . So probably 2 weeks is not enough for the hcg levels to go down that’s why you still get faint lines . I would take another test in a weeks time x 
  • The lines are really dark in person that’s why I was worried and internet says that’s why I was worried x
     You can ovulate and become pregnant as soon as two weeks after a miscarriage 
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