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Advice please - miscarriage or still possibly pregnant?

Hello All! Hope you’ve all been well.
Right, so i think im
about 6 weeks. Got an early scan booked in tomorrow (tuesday) 
however on friday, i had some cramps and bleeding at work. By the time i had finished work and came home, the bleeding had calmed down and was pretty much just spotting again.
I haven’t had any more pains, cramps or anything.
Whennive been doing tests before i’ve only got the 2-3 weeks on tests.
Ive worken up this morning and done one, and it’s 3+.
i did contact my midwife before anyone says, she’s said go to my scan on tuesday but if the bleeding got worse or more pains or cramps over weekend go to a&e.
Any similar stories or anything to give me for advice? X


  • Hi,
    Congratulations on conceiving first of all its a beautiful experience to get the big fat positive. 
    I wouldn't worry too much as spotting in pregnancy is normal especially in the first trimester. I spotted when i was seven weeks and waited for my scan and the heart beat was there. The spotting will go e eventually. But i say best to stay hopeful and be patient until you have your scan as it could be nothing. Prayers and fingers crossed all is well for you and your baby. Xx
  • Hi @Lily211, just come across this post--I have had spotting for 2 days with no cramps but really worried. Hope your scan went OK yesterday x
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